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June 3, 2007

Burger King’s Strawberry Cheesecake: A Treat in a Box

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BK’s Strawberry CheesecakeAfter going through one rough week, what better way to end it thwith a food trip? I was scheduled to the Nokia Care Center in ATC to have my cellphone fixed. Unfortunately, it was already 8:30 (had to work overtime) and the Customer Service closes by 7:00. A bit disappointed, I decided to take some time to stroll around the mall.

Lo and behold, I saw a signboard of Burger King. What do I order? Although I have a craving for 100% pure beef patty I decided to try out their Long Chicken Burger meals. There were 3 flavors available, the Club Chicken Burger, the Amercian Chicken Barbeque, and the Italian Chicken Burger. Since, I was on a food trip, I decided to go with the flavor I haven’t tried yet. I chose the Italian Chicken Burger meal, upgraded the fries and drinks, and got a free sundae as a promotional item for ordering a chicken burger meal. I was about to pay at the counter when I saw their new Item: Strawberry Cheesecake. I had to try it, but, just in case, I had it for a take-out item.

So, the question is, how did they make the chicken burger italian? Well, there was a slice of ham in the middle of the burger. To tell you honestly, that wasn’t bad. After finishing the burger, I went straight to the Strawberry Sundae. Alas, I found out that the strawberry flavor was a little disappointing. It makes me re-think if I made a good decision in buying the cheesecake. After the sundae, I realized that there was no more space in my tummy to down the cheesecake so I just took it home instead.

Strawberry flavor, a very delicate and hard to replicate flavor. As a fruit, strawberry naturally has a sour taste with a kick of sweetness. What makes it so hard to replicate is that using artificial flavorings, trying to simulate a flavor is hard enough, let alone two flavors in harmony. This difficulty causes some artificial flavors taste very artificial.

It is now Sunday, I just remembered that I had my Strawberry cheesecake stored in the fridge. Although I was disappointed with how the strawberry taste of the Sundae was last Friday, I was still determined to criticize the over-all taste of the cheesecake.

First off, the packaging. The cheesecake is neatly placed inside a triangular box. The cheesecake is placed securely in a box specifically designed for accommodating one piece of cheesecake. Thus, the shape-integrity of the cheesecake still remains the same even after traveling. On the downside, it maybe cute, however, opening the package is a whole new story. It has 2 “pull here” strip located on the sides of the box to accommodate the flip top function. Next is the question: How do I get tis off of the box?

Let’s now move on the cheesecake itself. Every time I try a cheesecake, I always inspect how they do with the crust? For this particular cheesecake, the crust is very soft. After opening the box, I had a hard time trying to take a good angle on the cheesecake, however, the crust was so soft that it kept falling off from the cake. As for the taste of the crust, it has a kind of sweet earthy taste that doesn’t taste good on it’s own.

The cheese on cake, Is another story, unlike other cheesecakes, it doesn’t have the preservative flavor usually found on regular cheesecakes. It tasted a little sour with a good dose of sweetness. For me, it was perfect. Moving along,I found myself on the strawberry filling. As mentioned earlier, BK’s strawberry syrup on sundae wasn’t something I would look forward to eating again. However, the strawberry on the cheesecake seemed to have a different flavor on it’s own. Did they use the same syrup on the sundae and on the cheesecake. From my point of taste, it was totally different. It has a more creamy texture compared to the syrup they used on the sundae. Also, it has a subtle sweetness with a Jam type appearance. It blended perfectly with the sourness of the cheesecake and the earth sweetness of the crust. I must admit, the moment I took my last bite, I instantly regretted that I only bought one.

To wrap up my cheesecake experience, I have deliberated the cheesecake using my own categories. For overall appearance, will give 5/5. Even with the little difficulty in opening the box, that fact that it survived my travel gave enough reason to give it a good score. For the price, will give 5/5. Given the average price of cheesecake is around P60, this piece did give a more than average performance, thus also a perfect score. Location, will give a 3/5. Reason being, that even if this is a fast food chain, there are only a few chains that I see nowadays. If you get to crave for a BK’s Strawberry cheesecake, it might give you a hard time looking for one that serves the cheesecake. Most important category is the Taste, for this I will give a perfect 5/5 rating.

For those that read this blog, I recommend you try the cheesecake as well, only a few can pull of a cheesecake like this in a fast food chain. Bon Appétit.



  1. Cheesecake! *drools*

    Well, if you’re into really good cakes, you should try cakes from “Beky’s Kitchen”. 🙂 It’s near La salle taft, they an amazing Swiss Chocolate Cake.

    For Strawberry Cheesecake, you should try CPK’s. They even serve it on a plate with a

    But if DLSU is too far and CPK’s too expensive, there’s always a convenient bakeshop that sells the most delicious cakes ever. 😀 Red Ribbon! 😀

    Comment by ellecross — June 4, 2007 @ 12:47 am

  2. Hey i just ate the Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake and overall, it was ok.
    I agree that the crust wasn’t so great – it broke it half and it had an unappealing flavor that i can’t really pinpoint. The actual cake tasted great though, and I was surprised since it was from Burger King

    PS: How did you get this template for your wordpress blog?

    Comment by Javaun — April 8, 2011 @ 12:21 am

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